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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Positive. Watch it again. It's out of 21 personnel for GB so it's a straight forward play. And if you can't see Vaughn in your screen on that one you need to get your eyes checked... he and Dawkins are both one to two steps behind Jordy.

It was the Jennings TD that was more on Dawkins (single man covered), which is just Allen being schematically abused by McCarthy.

Pretty good post though.
Ok....have to watch the replays again, but I hate clicking into because it takes forever to load and get through the advertisements

I was probably thinking of the Jennings TD then because I just remember Dawkins lagging about 5-6 yards behind him and waiting for him to chew out somebody. When he didn't, I knew the play was all on him.

I was more disappointed with our defense and the coaching schemes on the drive right before half when ROdgers looked like Peyton in any playoff game against us. We telgraphed every blitz by stacking the line, but kept the corners off, which was straight out of the Coyer playbook against Indy.

And after that I don't remember much specifically....just Fells fumbling at the goal line
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