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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
on the negativity.....

IMO, the only way the mood changes for Broncos fans is when the team starts winning again.

Kaylore, you are more negative on the podcast than you are with your posts on the Mane. Just my opinion.
I get that. Especially on the Orton front, and I'll back off. My beef was more that there was nothing positive about anyone at any level and I really don't believe that. For example, the criticisms of the front office's incompetence and the coach's as well were decidedly one-sided. The draft was considered pretty good, but no one mentioned this in criticizing Elway. Just snide comments like "this isn't a lemonade stand" (like he's been treating it like one?) and then ripping him for his bad tweets. Then stuff like saying John Fox isn't a motivator (and he is. Say what you want about him but his teams play for him, reports from the players are that they do buy more than McD, and we aren't losing due to lack of effort, but talent.) and that the Broncos not being able sign free agents that were singed by Carolina ( the majority of which were signed before free agency even began) is evidence he's "not a players coach?"

Come on.

I might rip Orton, but I usually paint the picture that there is hope on the horizon, remind people we're in a rebuild, and point to the areas on the team that are improving every week. I'm not going to pretend the team is going to be good or will be even in the near future, but I don't ridicule every level of the team from top to bottom.
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