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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Fully agree.

We played a cover 2 shell against both the Jennings 43 yard bomb and the Jordy Nelson 50 yard touchdown. Moore bit hard on Jennings and paid the price, Dawkins couldn't run with Jordy on the other.

...but frankly, they were just as much Goodman (Jennings) and Vaughn (Jordy) fault. They were playing man underneath that cover 2 shell and that SHOULD empower the safeties TO play aggressive and go for the ball or vice versa. It didn't!

We could have the best safeties in the world right now and we'd still get chewed up underneath.
The one on Dawkins was absolutely disgusting.....I didn't even see Vaughn in the screen and Dawkins obviously isn't going to be able to run with 80% of the WRs in the league right now. Are you sure that was a Cover 2? If so, I'm putting that one more on Dawkins than Vaughn.

Again though....the one thing I will say about playing such a tough schedule this year is that there are going to be PLENTY of instances for Moore and Carter to learn some hard lessons and look stupid during the film sessions which will either make or break them...we will know a lot about what we have back there by the end of the year

The injury to Champ has also shown us that we have NOTHING out there....We haven't had a decent corner behind Champ since D-Will and even he was overrated a bit by the fans, IMO....wouldn't mind seeing us take a look at a corner early on
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