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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
true...blow was a bad choice of word

but I would feel like we would be "blowing" a pick with a first day look at a safety....there are too many holes on the team to go early with positions we already have young guys we are trying to develop
Fully agree.

We played a cover 2 shell against both the Jennings 43 yard bomb and the Jordy Nelson 50 yard touchdown. Moore bit hard on Jennings and paid the price, Dawkins couldn't run with Jordy on the other.

...but frankly, they were just as much Goodman (Jennings) and Vaughn (Jordy) fault. They were playing man underneath that cover 2 shell and that SHOULD empower the safeties TO play aggressive and go for the ball or vice versa. It didn't!

We could have the best safeties in the world right now and we'd still get chewed up underneath.
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