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Every week it goes an hour and a half. With all the things to talk about, it's hard to keep it shorter than that. I've gotten a lot of feedback from people saying they like the length. I've gotten some from others who wish it were shorter. I personally like the hour and a half format. It's very throurough. It gives us a chance to really hash over the issues. It lends itself to the panel format really well. It's compelling throughout. And best of all, it fills the space when I'm on my bike ride. I like to listen to podcasts while I'm excersizing, cooking, doing chores, etc. I listen to several podcasts that are over an hour long - some of them even going over 2 hours. If the discussion is entertaining, it think it works out ok.
I like the length just fine. In fact, if it was stretched to 2 hours I'd have no complaint, it would cover a commute to and from work just about perfectly