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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
There were a lot of things I wanted to get to without the opportunity to and some flat out mistakes. When TJ asked about the time management I wanted to specifically mention taking a knee before half, specific use of TOs and him running it when we were down by 32 and playing to save face and not to win. Things like that.

I also wanted to get into the schematics of Allen's defense and while we're finally crushing pockets, how it's also made us so susceptible to misdirection and big plays, etc.

Who knew 1:40 wasnt nearly enough time!

As for your comments, maybe a section of the show dedicated to "brightsides" in order? Especially with mounting losses and building frustration? Maybe some MORE focus on Miller and Doom and McGahee and getting healthy?

What specifics would you have been positive about had you been able to make it last night?
The kneel-down at the end of the 1st half really set the tone for me, it is 28 seconds, all 3 time-outs and an 11 point game at the time, you have a kicker with a big leg and if you can move the ball to the GB 40 you have an outside shot at 3 points, that play to me showed that Fox does not trust Orton as much as he would like us to believe - if you trust your QB to go out and and not make a mistake, you take that chance, hope you can get enough yards for a FG and make it a 1 possession game, especially with GB recieving in the 2nd half, you risk being down by 3 scores by the time you get the ball back.

As for the positives, the defensive line is doing better than I think anyone would have anticipated, they are still not a strong unit but considering how far behind the rest of an otherwise bad team they were last year it is good to see some improvement there. I think Rahim Moore is showing some good things, he is obviously still a rookie and still makes rookie mistakes but the talent is obvious. On offense Decker is clearly showing a lot of promise, he still has a few miscues with route running, but he makes a lot of plays and the mental side of the game will come with more game time. So far I would say the free agents we did bring in have done well, Mcgahee, Fells and Bunkley (I know he was a trade) have contributed.

As for debating draft in 2012, I can only see 2 options in the first round, CB or QB.
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