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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
At this point I would completely disagree with the characterization that our entire FO including ownership and the CFO are a bunch of clowns pocketing all the money while screwing over the fans. What I heard made me think the group was already on the level of a Matt Millen regime with a little al davis thrown in.

I don't think that is the case... at all.

I think people are forgetting the mess this team was in when the season ended in january... Followed by lockout / followed by a truncated FA period camp schedule etc. Point is the deck is completely stacked against them this season. I think they have done an acceptable job so far and deserve more time to enact their "plan".

Let me give a quicky example. Several years ago a former friend tried to rip me off through a business we co-owned. Long story short... I removed him from the business and walked head first into a **** storm not unlike the 2010 Broncos. Now I would love to tell you that I walked in made every correct decision and turned everything around in a matter of 6 months. Unfortunately life does not work that way... I didn't make every correct decision and it took a hell of a lot longer than 6 months to fix the mess my personal McDaniels created... Point is we are jumping the gun, and it is way too early to characterize them as a bunch of incompetent thiefs.

By this point in the McD regime we had traded our QB, blown the entire draft, suspended our WR, and were in the process of giving the all screen offense a go... A resounding WTF had been earned.

Now don't get too defensive Rev... I think everyone did a good job. I just think the tone was more helpless than it should be at this point.
I'm not getting defensive, I'm just asking you for examples. Why are you getting defensive about being asked to provide them?

I think the only real FO comments were about how they completely neglected CB coming into the season and how they've sold Tebow to fans only to bench him and related dishonesty.

Personally I don't see how anyone can disagree with those points.

Now, you mentioned the FO inheriting a huge mess.... but most of the FO is held-over from last year, sooooo... what am I missing that was discussed that you disagree with? I mean, exaggerated paraphrasing is swell and all, but genuinely some specific examples would help ME see your POV?
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