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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
There was a lot to like, too though. I think everyone did a good job sharing the podium so to speak. Mike talked more than usual and it made for a balanced show. I thought the calls at the end of the show were outstanding, especially the discussions around them. The different view points on things like what position they would upgrade and the draft guessing were really fun to listen to. I like the way the show is shifting away from talking about just the game to more long term opinions on the Broncos and what they should/could do moving forward.

Unfortunately I have to agree the tone was overly negative for my taste. I feel bad for missing this call if only because I am now realizing I am the only optimist in the group. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the show missed me specifically, and obviously we're a bad team and have many holes, but having said that I felt this session was overly negative and could have used a dissenting voice. There were a couple of times it felt like piling on - excessively. Maybe that's where the fans are at, though. It was a brutal loss, but it was to a Super Bowl team still firing on all cylinders in a place we have never won since the Broncos were created in 1960. The comments against Fox made him sound like he's borderline incompetent.

Obviously its indicative of the guests. SoCal hates Bowlen and while he doesn't enjoy seeing the team suffer, he enjoys seeing the Bowlen suffer and could stomach the team being bad if it made Bowlen unhappy. SoCal, Rev and Taco are all big Shanafans who strongly disagreed with the firing. It surprised me that Montrose was bringing Shanahan up quite a bit as well. I did know Montrose's opinion against Orton and for Tebow or anyone not named Orton to start for the Broncos.

I guess there are people who like the negativity, though. And there is certainly plenty of it to go around for this team, and has been for some time. I remember someone on here saying they like Les Shapiro as a radio host and he's pretty negative and they see it as "calling it like it is" so I guess its a taste thing. Apparently not mine.
There were a lot of things I wanted to get to without the opportunity to and some flat out mistakes. When TJ asked about the time management I wanted to specifically mention taking a knee before half, specific use of TOs and him running it when we were down by 32 and playing to save face and not to win. Things like that.

I also wanted to get into the schematics of Allen's defense and while we're finally crushing pockets, how it's also made us so susceptible to misdirection and big plays, etc.

Who knew 1:40 wasnt nearly enough time!

As for your comments, maybe a section of the show dedicated to "brightsides" in order? Especially with mounting losses and building frustration? Maybe some MORE focus on Miller and Doom and McGahee and getting healthy?

What specifics would you have been positive about had you been able to make it last night?
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