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Spencer Larsen

Great show guys, very smooth compared to the earlier editions and great idea having Rev on there.

I would like to make a comment on the Eddie Royal issue, I think it is very much utilization that is limiting him. Royal is pretty fast but lacks the size to stretch the field against tight coverage, his real strength is his quickness and his cuts, he really needs to be running routes where he can use double moves and get the ball in a tight area right after he comes out of his breaks, Cutler could deliver that ball but Orton just isn't the guy to make those throws and we are not running an offense that relies a lot on those medium routes.

Oh a note on the TD to Jennings, that looked like a cover-3 to me with Jennings going down the seam, in that situation there is a weakness in the area behind the linebackers in front of the safeties. It looked to me like a bad defensive call that should have been changed on the field to account for the double wide.

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