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I'm an opening act, I feel so big time

Great job as always.

I enjoyed the discussion on John Fox. I think he can be a good coach here. But you are right - we were sold Tim Tebow, Orton was traded at the starting gun, and now we're supposed to believe that Orton was the QB all along and Denver is happy with him?

That's the disconnect with the fans right there. It's pretty obvious that the team is not willing to do what would be needed to be successful with Tebow. They didn't take him, they inherited him, and if he doesn't fit what they want to do, that's fair. But that being the case, why did they sell him so aggressively? It is unfair to the fans to sell him and put him front and center, then seem so annoyed when the fans expect to see him play, particularly with how uninspiring it is watching Orton.

The FO obviously doesn't really like Orton either, they haven't extended him, they tried to trade him, their action show they are not going to move forward with him, why be surprised when the fans pick up on that and do not want to move forward with him? The difference isn't IF, it's WHEN.