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Default Intelligent Honesty Surfaces


That was solid. It was not without quake from a production perspective (I'm sure Popps will have all sorts of things to fine tune because of his infinite experience) but it was your best delivery via Voice, of an intelligent representation of 'The Mane' and it's culture, yet.

As I mentioned to TJ on PM, I was waiting with bated breath. Because I tend to scan the forum and don't always pick up on the details and nuisances of personality that you all seem to already understand about each other, it has been awesome to put voice to User Name/Avatar.

What I have enjoyed most about this project in general, is not only the effort but to understand the personalities of some of the more involved, intelligent and informed vein of 'The Mane'.

As social media is becoming a cornerstone of our culture, many of the general complaints about 'The Mane' and it's ability to harbor intelligent discussion ("Like Back in the Day") can be over-come (IMO) with this type of media. There will always be the jackasses but if the leadership that makes 'The Mane' what it is, an "informed community", it will continue to improve.

I adore the concept of that idea continuing. TJ, Montrose, SoCal, Kaylore, thanks a million for the effort. TJ, I applaud your efforts to get your guest "The Rev" on. I'm biased because I suggested it but I really think it added to what this place is really all about. Thanks Rev. I'd be happy to listen to the long story if you're ever inclined. More to come....


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