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Andy did you hear about this one?

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Less drive-by-trolling would be a godsend but after surviving a year here and learning to tolerate Chef fan somewhat, I guess I'm more mellow towards the idiot post-and-run trollers... its the repeat offenders that bring nothing to the discussion that need a timeout box for a few days. Maybe a mini-ban of a week or two for the worst offenders?

How about a direct link from the General Discussion to the off-topics (Underground) area. Its like they say, out of sight, out of mind... and unfortuately, even though the off-topic area can be found from the main forum panel, its just death to post there because no one checks it. The Underground will have to be more visible come football time just so we can keep the inane posts off the main board when it gets football busy.

Other than that, the forum rocks... Is it football time yet?
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