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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BroncsCheer View Post
Nice - way to project your childish insecurities on to me Rev.
I had what has proven to be a legitimate question, based on a specific situation (a low trajectory kick) and you got pwned by posters (not me, but I doubt you'll re-read the thread to validate this) because of your know-it-all attitude leading you astray AGAIN, and you respond with homophobic slurs.

That pretty much it? Your contribution to the OM summed up in this thread?

Gotcha -
Have a nice life beef drapes.

I'm looking forward to your next thread.

Can I brain storm ideas for you?

"Playing 10 men on defense?"
"Can we freekick the ball every time?"
"What if we got Usain Bolt to play WR?!?!"
"Do we really need an offensive line or can we go 10 wide?"
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