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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Well, that wasn't actually my response, but more power to you. The point was it's ****ing stupid no matter if it's legal or not.

But hey, you're right and I apologize. A few people have the mixture of height and vertical leap to probably have a shot at blocking 1/50 kicks instead of taking a shot at blocking all of them. Sounds brilliant.

And clearly judging by my attitude, I am out to make e-friends. So you have me pegged there too bro.

This was a fantastic thread and now you and your boyfriend (OP) can hold go back to holding hands and skipping down "OMG WHAT IF..." road.

...Like the pair of ******* you are. Btw, you misspelled "douche" in your username.
Nice - way to project your childish insecurities on to me Rev.
I had what has proven to be a legitimate question, based on a specific situation (a low trajectory kick) and you got pwned by posters (not me, but I doubt you'll re-read the thread to validate this) because of your know-it-all attitude leading you astray AGAIN, and you respond with homophobic slurs.

That pretty much it? Your contribution to the OM summed up in this thread?

Gotcha -
Have a nice life beef drapes.
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