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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Back peddle much? The question was simple, was it legal? Your asinine response "Nobody can possibly jump higher than 10 feet" This statement is really all anybody needs to see to conclude that you are a true idiot. But you then go on to say that the only way one could get high enough was with a "running" start. The OP then showed that an average sized player with a decent vertical jump (which is measured, btw, without any running start or step at all) could easily get a foot over the crossbar.

He never asked if putting a player back there would "BLOCK SOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY KICKSSSSSSSSSS!" He was just asking a question which a lot of people in this thread have admitted they also had. Your increasingly childish responses only make you look extremely self conscious and pathetic. But keep up the good work, keep racking up that post count and soon enough you will have enough e-friends that you wont have to cry yourself to sleep.
Well, that wasn't actually my response, but more power to you. The point was it's ****ing stupid no matter if it's legal or not.

But hey, you're right and I apologize. A few people have the mixture of height and vertical leap to probably have a shot at blocking 1/50 kicks instead of taking a shot at blocking all of them. Sounds brilliant.

And clearly judging by my attitude, I am out to make e-friends. So you have me pegged there too bro.

This was a fantastic thread and now you and your boyfriend (OP) can hold go back to holding hands and skipping down "OMG WHAT IF..." road.

...Like the pair of ******* you are. Btw, you misspelled "douche" in your username.
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