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Look at the curve. The price of gold started to go up up up after 9/11.

It's volatile but the bull market has continued.

How to explain the present drop? Good question -- but we know there is vastly more (at east 2-3 times more) gold in existence than the bankers will acknowledge.

The present world estimate is 130,000 metric tonnes -- and this is supposedly the total. But we know for a fact that the CIA and Ferdinand Marcos recovered at least 280,000 metric tonnes in the Philippines -- in the period after WW II (into the 1980s).

We have been lied to again -- surprised?

They are dumping gold to drive the price down -- for a reason. I will hazard a guess. Because they are desperate. If the price of gold climbs to its real value -- whatever the market will bear - the present monetary system will collapse.

I conclude: buy gold and silver now while you can. Last man out please turn off the lights on Western civilization as we have known it.
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