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Default Hey guys, I wrote a novel! And its out today.

Excuse this thread of self promotion, but considering I spend much of my time trolling this board (on a daily basis), I do feel apart of a community and would like to share something that’s incredibly important to me with you guys (and gals).

I wrote a novel! And someone was dumb enough to publish it! And it came out today. I promise you this is hardly some boring math textbook, or some non-fiction book about obscure 14th century French history. It’s a fun fiction book that would probably be the perfect companion for an international flight.

Here is the Amazon link (it will also be available in Kindle in the next few weeks, if you prefer that.) And look for it at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores in the coming months.

If nothing else, it would mean the world to me if you could “like” the book on Facebook, where I can annoy you with updates in hopes that you buy it soon.

And I apologize if I bump this, Mods please don’t kick it to one of those sub folders nobody reads.

Support a fellow maner? I promise there are no commie rants in it. But there's some sex, boobs, and cursing. We like those things right?

** The kindle version should be avail in 3 weeks I'm told. I don't know why its not avail now.
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