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Hey guys, listened to it at work last Thursday. Great stuff. As an Irish Bronco fan listening to the show in South Korea I demand to be listed in the opening acknowledgements though!

Anyway, since Kaylore asked for some constructive criticisms I thought I'd throw out a thought I had.

I think sometimes you guys sit on the fence a little too much. The time where Kaylore made the joke about Orton being afraid to throw deep was funny, but you actually seemed to think it was a bad thing that you'd let slip your actual opinion on the matter.

The part where Taco brought up MUG's post about the QB situation too. The issue of Bowlen being unwilling to spend money is something Socal has been huge on for a long time, but you wouldn't know it to listen to his comments on the show.

I understand you don't want to be going on there and ripping into the Broncos, and nobody wants to hear two people yelling back and forth at each other, but at times you all just seem a bit too agreeable for me. It's a very nice, easy listen, but with the wealth of knowledge and opinions you guys have I feel it could be a little bit more argumentative and really challenge the listeners when necessary.
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