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The other game I am interested in the outcome is the Atlanta vs Eagles game. The only reason though is I am hoping for the Falcons sake they kick the crap out of the Eagles for the obvious reason that Vick is at the helm. I think it would be really tough for them if their former QB comes in and kicks them around their own field.

But I found some reference on (
comparing Michael Vick to Michael Jordan in terms of popularity in Atlanta. It's a pretty bad comparison in my opinion, even if you leave out the dog killing thing, MJ has won championships while Vicky has not. Additionally, MJ's popularity crosses so many more lines than does Vicky's does. So I think it's one of the poorest comparisons Irvin could postulate. I know he was trying to say how popular Vick was in Atlanta, but I don't believe there is anyway he is or was as popular as Jordan.

Anyway, Go Falcons.
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