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Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
All sounds peachy. If I were a Bronco fan, I would feel warm and fuzzy all over too. Except you forget that once proud franchise is coming in to Mile High. A team and a fan base hungry to see it's team laugh again after it has conquered and won. This team is close and on the verge of once again playing tough, intimidating, and in your face football. The kind of success and intimidation that I know many of you old timers dread would ever come back and you new ones not used to it will soon experience. These are two proud franchises with storied battles, about to clash again. Just win baby!
4-12 was the low point... in the history of the franchise... for the Broncos. To put that in perspective, the Raiders have been 4-12 three times since 2002... and that's not even mentioning your 2-14 2006 season. Yeah, your team's improved... what team wouldn't be when you've had top-10 draft picks for 8 consecutive seasons? You can't get JaMarcus Russell every time; you gotta find a few good players when you spend nearly a whole decade picking first.
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