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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Powderaddict View Post
I don't think we would ever see Manning or Brady moping out looking like Eeyore with a cloud following them like we did with Orton last year. I'm fairly confident we would see those guys with a fire each game, regardless of the record or dischord surrounding the team.

You can be heroic even in defeat. That is something KO wasn't. He was part of the problem.
Thats not my point.

My point is winning games wins the fans over and the TEAM we had last year regardless of who was under center, was not going to win. There were too many flaws on the TEAM.

And yes, Orton could have done things differently sure, but here's the kicker, that wouldnt have mattered. Plummer went out every single game and battled his ass off and the same douches on this site that want Teblow to play wanted to get rid of Plummer for Cutler. PLummer was WINNING (7-4 when benched) too.

Look, Orton is never going to win people over on the orange mane. FUnny thing is, the Bronco fans I know outside of this clique infested ****hole like Orton and think that he can do well. Its just the douches here.
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