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VP John Elway

Originally Posted by Powderaddict View Post
Great episode. I really enjoy listening to these.

One question, can you expound on the reason why you donít think Orton will want to sign here? You said you didnít want to get into it on the podcast Ė Iíd really like to hear the details. Is it how he is treated in the community?
Kahn covered it well, he's never been "the guy" here and I think it's something he badly wants. He wants that recognition and identification as a team's franchise QB. In Miami or Buffalo, he'll be the savior - beloved by the fanbase and his teammates - not to mention compensated with a long-term deal that financially solidifies him as top-15 QB. He's not going to have to get snippy about "not caring what the fans think," or "thank god the fans dont make the decisions." He and is wife aren't going to get snippy comments at King Soopers and see #15 jerseys everywhere he turns.

He's a dad now - more money, stability, a supportive community and a team dying for a QB of his ability instead of looking to replace him for something better - it'd be an easy decision for just about anybody.

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Fans who hate McDaniels see Orton as a connection to that mistake and unfairly vilify him.
Exactly, I think to a lot of fans Orton IS McD. Orton IS 4-12. Orton IS "Not having Cutler, not having Hillis, etc." Not fair, but understandable.
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