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The dude us getting booed and harassed by the fans. There are stories of him being razzed in public. This is a guy who was traded, didn't ask to come here, but the day he was traded drove his car down to Denver and was working with the offense the next day. He's been nothing but professional and people boo him when he makes any mistake and cheer like made when Tebow makes a pedestrian completion. They are chanting his name literally in Miami during practices. Why would he want to re-sign here? Denver fans are very passionate but they can be complete douche bag tards. Fans who hate McDaniels see Orton as a connection to that mistake and unfairly vilify him. I think Orton deserves to go somewhere he isn't hated for things outside his control.
I personally donít want Orton as the starting QB of the Denver Broncos, but I agree that he has been treated completely unfairly.

I donít understand booing players on your team. Iíve always felt that as fans we should be doing all we can to contribute to the success of the team. Booing demotivates, demoralizes and in no way helps the team succeed. I can understand why he would want to go somewhere else.

That said, he hasnít really gone out of his way to endear himself to the fans. He looked disinterested and depressed much of last season. Again, I can understand why, but if he wants to have the fans on his side he needs to do what he can to win them over. Is it fair? Probably not. Is it the reality of playing QB in the NFL? Absolutely. Comments like ďwinning over the fans is my last priorityĒ doesnít help. Moping on the sidelines and refusing to help the very popular rookie QB in his starts doesnít help. Being short and annoyed with the local media doesnít help. Losing multiple games when given the opportunity to win in the 4th quarter REALLY doesnít help.

Has he been treated fairly by the fans? ABSOLUTELY not. Has he done his part to win the fanbase over? In my opinion, he hasnít. Thereís going to be a certain amount of people that wonít accept him no matter what. But there are fans that could be won over Ė if he put effort into doing so. It may not be fair, but itís the reality of playing QB in the NFL Ė particularly in the shadow of John Elway.