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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The dude us getting booed and harassed by the fans. There are stories of him being razzed in public. This is a guy who was traded, didn't ask to come here, but the day he was traded drove his car down to Denver and was working with the offense the next day. He's been nothing but professional and people boo him when he makes any mistake and cheer like made when Tebow makes a pedestrian completion. They are chanting his name literally in Miami during practices. Why would he want to re-sign here? Denver fans are very passionate but they can be complete douche bag tards. Fans who hate McDaniels see Orton as a connection to that mistake and unfairly vilify him. I think Orton deserves to go somewhere he isn't hated for things outside his control.
Funny thing is, Tebow is a McD product.
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