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Great episode. I really enjoy listening to these.

One question, can you expound on the reason why you donít think Orton will want to sign here? You said you didnít want to get into it on the podcast Ė Iíd really like to hear the details. Is it how he is treated in the community?

And I agree on the QB position Ė I really donít think EFX are comfortable going all-in with Tebow, which I feel is necessary if you want him as your starting franchise QB. You canít mold him into what you want, you would really need to design the offense around him. I donít get the impression that this front office is willing to commit to that. While I like Tebow and am a fan, I can understand the hesitation.

I want a two headed beast monster picture with one head being Von Miller and the other Elvis Dumervil That would be sweet!

Again great job, please keep these going. It really makes my commute enjoyable, and the more Broncos podcasts the better!