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Originally Posted by baja View Post
So does that tragedy somehow make you feel right you cold blooded kock sucker. All I can say is too bad you weren't there to see it first hand.

Oh look 53 people killed in Mexico, I'm right and baja is wrong.

Self absorbed pricks like you is what is wrong with this world. Maybe culling the herd is not a bad idea.
Originally Posted by baja View Post

You should go gargle with some Draino.
This thread is about the travel safety of Mexico. Mexico just isn't a safe place to visit anymore. This thread isn't about me or anyone in this community but you've made it personal. Thanks for wishing death on us.

That's great Karma.

Just curious. Is wishing death to others something you teach in your breathing classes? "Take a deep breath in............Now wish death upon those that don't agree with you today....Let it out....ahhhhhh"

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