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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Baja, if you were putting the OP as a question, you sure did respond to every one of us that see Mexico as more dangerous. So, even though you put it as a question, you were defending Mexico and not the USA. Meck did nothing wrong to put it in this thread. If you dont like it, don't make these types of threads or do not defend Mexico. Also, illegal aliens do not make crime here "a few percentage points higher" as you stated on the first page. A huge % of jailbirds are illegals in the LA County jail.
How would you like it if I used 9/11 as an example of violence and danger in America? Some things are off limits. 9/11 and 53 freshly killed innocents are among them. We all know what Meck was doing here. It was about him not about the danger of Mexico. No mention of too bad about the loss of life, just na na na baja I am right and you are wrong. Again what is wrong with you people? I never said I agreed with the article not once. I know what is going on here and it is damn scary but the whole world is scary these days more than ever brfore and it is going to get a lot worse. Time to come together as a people and set the nationalism aside. Can you imagine if I used a fresh case of multiple deaths (say a dirty bomb) in the States as an example to make a case Mexico is safer. You guys seem to have the attitude if it happens some where else it's no big deal. Your wrong.
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