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Originally Posted by crawdad View Post
That sux! Montrose is a hell of a drive and on 285 to boot. Makes for a bad commute. What about the house hunt?
I know it's a long way but trying to get a decnet contract in the Denver/Co springs/Ft, collins area with an actual profit margin is like hoping to get laid at the drop of a hat 24/7/365. If we bid/land the job I'll get a place to live there and just commute weekly.
The house hunt: Still pissing me off. Should've told the wife "**** that, we're building from the ground up", way to many parameters we're trying to satisfy. (Lot size, House size, BR#, M/br suite size, Gourmet kitchen requirement and school district)...It's like hunting for gold in the hill outside of Blackhawk. There a chance, but it'll be a cold day in hell.
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