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Because I was on a cross country flight I had time to not only listen to the podcast but to jot down notes as the podcast went on. The following should be in order of subjects you all discussed and hopefully I can convey my thoughts correctly (I’m not really one to sit and type up long logical posts on the forum and you can probably deduce that based on my post count and when I became a member; in other words I’m a solid lurker). Off we go…

First, I appreciate the talk about the rookies and how they fit in on the new “athletic” mentality the new coaching staff has instilled in this organization. It’s interesting to progress from the thought process of “lets acquire talent based upon our needs” to “lets acquire the best potential talent that remains on the board.” I think this is a good route to take for the next couple of seasons as this team is in need of some serious help at all positions.

In regards to Slowshon; I thought it was interesting to hear the overall agreement between you all that he would be more appreciated here if he was drafted in a lower round. My thoughts have been that he was definitely overrated, and hasn’t really produced much in terms of success for the Broncos. Is this because I grew up, and was spoiled by; Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, Mike Bell, Tatum Bell, Mike Anderson, etcetera? Or maybe they, in-fact, were all products of the offensive line which we do not have today. This position tends to be plagued in the same regards as the QB position and Elway; no one will ever be able to fill his shoes and will always be compared to him and forced to tuck tail and get out of town (for how dare they show up in a Broncos uniform and not produce as their great predecessors have done before them! )

It is also interesting to hear the perspective that Tebow is being forced to play like Orton, behind a team that is designed for a drop back, in the pocket, passer. Could we efficiently run two styles of offenses? Would this entail bringing back the “wild horse” or some variant there of; would Tebow then be forced into a niche that he could never climb out of in the NFL? In the same light it was also nice to hear you all bring Orton down to earth (in the eyes of the O-Mane community) regarding the “Orton is the starter and it’s not even close” thread. Look, I am not for-or-against either guy in particular as I want what is best for the team. However, I would like Tebow to take the reins and become our next star player of the Denver Broncos. It honestly hurts deep inside to hear you all speak about how (potentially) great Tebow will do for another team. We’ve got this great athlete with a great work ethic that is a great leader; let’s work with him! Let’s hire a great QB coach that can mentor him. Elway, get down on the field and teach this padawan. We all know he’d soak up anything taught to him and that he would devote lots of time to perfect his skills. Let’s design this team around him, but hey, who am I?

Other random comments:
-“Bobness” will have to become a part of my daily vocabulary
- I heard Taco (I believe) use the word “sexy” twice. I had a tally sheet and was expecting that to be a reoccurring word; it was not and that made me sad. Haha

Overall, my Broncos brain has increased in girth and I have you all to thank. I was born and raised in Texas and was inundated with Cowboys talk, now I live in the northeast and am bombarded by Redskins/Eagles crap and I can’t stand it. It’s nice to actually sit down and listen to straight up Broncos talk from individuals that do not have an ESPiN/Northeast bias. Due to my work schedule and a recent move across the states (followed by not so hot Broncos seasons) I have found myself drifting away from what I used to hold dear to my heart. I’m a huge Broncos fan and I hope to make it a priority as the season progresses and to get back into my team. Thank you guys for facilitating this and I look forward to future podcasts.

Finally, I’d like to present a quick question: I’ve been meaning to listen, and get into, other podcasts but have never found the time to do so. Because of that, this is my first podcast and I feel like I now have time to sit down and really get involved, so I’m just curious what does everyone do while listening to the podcast? Although I was on a flight with nothing else to do, I still felt distracted at times and that I missed out on little tidbits here and there. How about you?

Go Broncos!
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