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Matty P

HO LY ****! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!

Just clicked on it for a sec to check sound quality (gotta go to bed soon, but I'll listen to the whole thing tomorrow), and I just have to say. L. O. L. Ok, I don't know why but I always hear different voices as I read different posters takes, and I seriously laughed out loud when you started talking taco. I was totally picturing this gravelly low pitched old man voice, and then kaylore comes on and I'm picturing this higher pitched nerdy mind has been blown haha. And please, don't take this at ALL in a derogative way (everyone so far has very "favorable" sounding pitches...or, radio-esque voices that are easy to listen to), it's just hilarious that I was so incredibly off in terms of what you guys would sound like. HA!

Anywho, I can't thank you guys enough for taking the time to branch out into the podcast world...I already can't get enough of this site, and this (i'm assuming, haven't listened to it yet but from your guest list I'm sure it's going to be chalked FULL of very thoughtful and informative discussion) is an absolutely wonderful way for me to work with the headphones while getting nonstop bronco talk.

SO, Thanks in advance, I'll post some feedback tomorrow once I get to listen to the whole thing.

You guys ****ing rock!!!!!

And ps, I don't know how it's done, but you should totally try to get this going on some of the radio/podcast apps in both the Android/Iphone markets! Along with an orangemane app of course.
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