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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
What about Elway, who was himself a QB (perhaps the greatest of all-time)? Do you dismiss him as an authority on the position as well?

By the way, I'm in the "play Tebow now" camp, so I've got no issue there. Just wondering why you will use a "plea to authority" in one debate, but dismiss it in another.
I don't dismiss it. Again, it is obvious that you don't know my position. That is fine, I wouldn't expect you to read everything I post. Just don't pretend you do. I have said multiple times that I have no problem with the way they are handling the QB situation. I argue that Tebow should start because that is my opinion. Elway has said good things about Tebow and even had Orton on the trade block. It isn't like he has said Tebow sucks. Even if he did, he isn't at all proven in knowing other QBs... You see, you can say something and it will not be used as proof. I only use coaches opinions that have proven that they do their job well. You seem to be missing that point.

Anyways, no one on this staff has come out saying Orton is great. You are comparing those quotes vs who should start in the battle of the retards.

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