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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
No. Please show me where I stated that that proved anything? I was just clarifying the record.

Also, I never said Cutler was "poor" value for his team, either. However, I do think his value is less than Jhns seems to think it is. Go back and read his original statement that I initially responded to.
Yeah your original statement is that they "dumbed down their offense last season because Cutler kept throwing up INTs"

And you literally have ZERO supporting evidence. The game you highlighted as the time of the change, they came out throwing it all over the place the NEXT TWO CONSECUTIVE GAMES.

Find ANYTHING supporting your retarded belief, please.

Until then, here's Martz on Cutler:

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz says quarterback Jay Cutler isnt just going to be good. Hes going to be great.

Hes going to be in the very elite of this league, Martz told the Chicago Tribune. Hes on his way. Hell be fine.
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