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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Care to explain seven straight games between 11/18 and 12/26 when he never threw it more than 26 times? It wasn't like they were blowing out teams every week either. Only two of the wins were by double digits. How is throwing the ball > 26 times NOT conservative in todays NFL?

Jhns is right...they had a great defense, so they played it conservative to reduce the risk of momentum changing turnovers. If they trusted Cutler, why not let him throw it more to put teams away earlier?
Sweet! So now we're down to a sample size of a month and a week?

And two of those were blowouts in Chicago's favor...

That leaves us with:

Philly - He threw for 4 TDs... don't need more pass attempts when you're scoring like Candy.

@ Detroit - Probably would've thrown more than 26x but he completed 81 ****ing percent of his passes!

NE - They just got completely pimp smacked.

NYJ - He had a 3 TD performance against the Jets defense... and Forte was at 6 ypc. But who needs context, amirite?

Would you like to try again?
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