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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Jesus Effing Christ Rev. I NEVER said he was irreplaceable. I just said it MIGHT hurt. Losing your starting receiving TE, who has put up some pretty good numbers for you over the past few years, might hurt. That's it. I wasn't trying to post the cure for cancer or something. It was a simple little statement that I didn't expect to blow up into anything more. I was just pointing out that they didn't ONLY gain weapons at receiver. They lost one as well. A fairly significant one IMO. One that Cutler obviously had chemistry with on (and off....yikes) the field.
I think we're having some miscommunication here. I absolutely get that you don't think he was irreplaceable and not trying to imply you think that. However, my point is that he was 1/8th of the passing game.


And he was a poor scheme fit for Martz.

Quite frankly, not only do I think he was COMPLETELY expendable, but that the offense will improve without him there.
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