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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Scheffler's 2008 saw more yards and first downs in 7 starts than Olsen's best season.

For every cherry picked yards and first downs, I'll see you TDs (BY FAR) and receptions.

Look. All I said was the guy was his security blanket. He was. Sorry that rubs you the wrong way. He had a lot of receptions for Cutler the last two years and was particularly helpful in the redzone. Guys like Schef aren't security blankets because they're never on the field. Does Schef tend to stretch the field better? Sure, I'd concede that. But that's a different argument. It's not a security blanket's job to stretch the field. He's there to rack up receptions and bail out his QB. And Olsen did that quite well IMO.
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