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Originally Posted by jhns View Post
He played while injured for a while before he came out... It was the fact that he couldn't throw with the injury(hence the numbers) that made his coaches pull him.

He wasn't fully ready last season though. We gave him away at a crucial point in his decelopment. Chicagos crap offensive coaching set him back at first. He is now ready to take over the world.
But you say you only care about what the facts on the field are. In the Orton/Tebow debates, according to you, the only thing that matters is that Tebow outproduced Orton in actual games. And you know what? I agree with you. Problem is, regardless of what anyone says about Cutler positive or negative, the results on the field show a guy who hasn't gotten a lot better over the years. In fact, he's probably regressed a bit since he was seperated from Shanny. With Orton, people say that he is to the point of his career where we know what he is, he isn't going to get better. And I agree with that. But Cutler has actually started more games than Orton (68 to 61). Yet, a lot of folks seem to think he can still improve. At what point is it safe to conclude that Cutler is a finished product?
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