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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
The Bears strike me as a team that caught a lot of breaks to help create their W-L record last year.

Calvin Johnson's non-TD catch week 1 spotted them their first win and they continued to get more lucky breaks as the season went on. How many times did Forte catch a 5 yard screen pass and turn it into a 60 yard run? Can't really rely on that. Urlacher actually played all last season. First time he's done that in a while. Tons of questions on a roster with no significant improvements in this off-season. The Lions might be a more dangerous team than the Bears this year if Stafford stays healthy.
Considering he only had 1 catch over 30 yards, I'm gonna go with MAYBE once...?

Also, 09 was the only time Urlacher missed a single game in the past 6 years. So, no, it's not "the first time he's done that in a while".

No significant improvements? They quietly had a fantastic draft and FA period... I don't see how you can even say this either...
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