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Originally Posted by montrose View Post
lol that'd be epic. I was thinking about the talking over thing - I'm so used to hearing myself in headphones (which I don't hear using skype) it's easy to do so. Should be much crisper next week.

To Mat'hir's point, I want to be careful about trying to "manufactuer debates" because it happens all too often in radio - and specifically to create entertainment value. I don't think Taco intends for this podcast to be something you listen to on the way home looking for a chuckle to some cheap joke but rather an in-depth analysis so while there will certainly be things we disagree upon - I don't want to force it. And when we do disagree, I don't see us getting into an argumentative/typical-radio style shouting match as that's not our personalities. What should make this show unique is that we're giving our honest opinions from a (somewhat) objective view.
Exactly. There's any number of places you can listen to guys being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. I want this show to be honest and really dig into the stuff and try and look at the biggest picture possible. We'll definitely have disagreements. This was just the first show with a new regime. Things are going to happen, and we'll end up looking at them differently.
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