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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
That's some really good, helpful feedback.

FYI, my slower talking was probably 30% antihistamines. Since you liked it, I'll try and be medicated every time.
lol that'd be epic. I was thinking about the talking over thing - I'm so used to hearing myself in headphones (which I don't hear using skype) it's easy to do so. Should be much crisper next week.

To Mat'hir's point, I want to be careful about trying to "manufactuer debates" because it happens all too often in radio - and specifically to create entertainment value. I don't think Taco intends for this podcast to be something you listen to on the way home looking for a chuckle to some cheap joke but rather an in-depth analysis so while there will certainly be things we disagree upon - I don't want to force it. And when we do disagree, I don't see us getting into an argumentative/typical-radio style shouting match as that's not our personalities. What should make this show unique is that we're giving our honest opinions from a (somewhat) objective view.
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