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Pretty nice job overall.


1. Content was very good.

2. Too many "uhms, errs, ahhs" from Taco John.

3. Montrose has an excellent radio voice and commentation speed but tended to overtalk Kaylore too often.

4. Kaylore's slow talking compliments Montrose and Taco John's faster voice speed.

5. I thought the three of you were fine. Adding another voice or even more might result in too much of a cluster****.

6. The three of you agree too much and you're too PC and moderate with the opinions. You need an opposite view point. Someone whom hates the John Fox hire and conservative mentality. Someone whom disliked the draft. Someone whom disliked how Free Agency was handled. In short, need more fireworks, less circlejerking.

Overall though, the podcast was pretty good. Much better than I thought it would be when I downloaded it. If you stay status quo, it will be solid. If you want to improve, think about the constructive thoughts I posted above.
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