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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by DarkHorse30 View Post
Fox gets to be the coach AFTER the Shahanan-rebound-coach, so it HAD to get worse before it got better. My guess is that our team's skilll level was not as bad as they played in 2009-2010, they were just ill-coached in multiple schemes that nobody had a grasp of.....including the coaches. I'd love to have a sit-down with Nolan and ask him WTF specifically happened to Denver under McDaniels.
Not to mention snake-bitten with injuries. All teams get injuries, but last year was exceptionally bad. Doom, Clady, Ayers, Moreno, Harris etc. I think skill was not as bad as record indicates, but like last year depth issues are a serious concern. Here's to a year, without multiple decimating injuries, player deaths, or incarcerations. It's been awhile.
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