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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
You are painting a very bright picture.....hopefully it comes to fruition, but at present, it will be a steep climb back to greatness. I think John Elway is basically a good guy who has good intentions and is willing to learn and adjust as need be. I'm not sure that's quite enough though. Those qualities are necessary, but not sufficient. I still would have preferred someone experienced and proven who can come in there without having to learn on the job and engage in trial and error. We're not in a position where we can continually make mistakes of inexperience. The FO's around the least the skilled ones are like sharks, ready to pounce on the weak. Perhaps over time we'll get to the point where we are a shark.

I hope your vision plays out for this team, and perhaps forces outside of the FO's control are responsible for some of the problems we are currently encountering. Hopefully the foundation they have laid, guys like Von Miller, Orange Julius, Rahim Moore etc. can be the start of something great. I'm certianly encouraged by what I'm reading about some of these kids, so there is some good that is being done. But we're still a long ways away, mistakes are being made and its not a happy time. We'll see if they can get there in a reasonable amount of time.
The Orange Kool Aid is not as bitter as it has been during the 18 month reign of that punk from Canton high.

I will sip it for the next year hoping they actually build and show improvement, they need a year just to right the ship and pump out the bilge from all the sludge the Canton High kids left after their party ended and mCd's dad showed up to take him home.

Sure the QB position could have been handled better but at least Elway is out there taking the critisim and keeping the heat off Fox and Fox is not shoving his face in the camera's telling everyone it is "his way or the highway" so from Chicagoland it is not as high on the radar as it was when our "next great HC" ****ed up the franchise with the Cutler, Hillis, Marshal messes - that he created.

I am going to enjoy me some Bronco Football this year.
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