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Jack Del erious

so cal, its hard not to be a pessimist, Is the glass half empty or half full? The pessimist would pick half empty, while the optimist would choose half full.

i got so sick of all the homers when we were 8 and 8, i have been guilty of it as well...

all i know is that we have no choice but to be drawn, like moth to flame, i know that monday night game is going to be electric, its going to be like the patriots playoff game, the city will be alive, and if you live in denver, or know denver sports it is damn near dead.........

carmelo is gone, the rockies underachieved, the avs stink, and the broncos are in the crapper.


here is a invitation to invesco for the raiders from the orange crush faithful!

but for one beautiful rocky mountain night in September, the chill will be in the air, the stadium will shine like a beacon of hope, and please just remember guys....

the darkest hour is just before the dawn..........

who knows where this season goes, but let me tell you that this Raider game means more to the city, more to the franchise, more to the fabric of the broncos than any game has in a long time....

59-14 leaves scars, long term, deep traumatic scars, and to truly start to climb your way out of that hell that is rock bottom, stomping the Raiders on National TV with orange jerseys on will soothe a lot of pain, even if its just ONE game, even if we go 6-10, 5-11....this year, you have to start somewhere..............

This town is starving for bronco football, the kind where we play hard nose, the kind where we stand up and fight, where you can't hear yourself think on 3rd down...

crack open a banquet beer (coors) and let yourself feel the pride and pleasure of being a bronco fan on opening night, a new beginning indeed!

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