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Originally Posted by Gcver2ver3 View Post
the decisions he made in college should be irrelevant...

if there is no supp draft, then he should be classified as an undrafted free agent...

he is an adult no longer in college that will be wanted by a few nfl teams...

he should be allowed to find work with one, and if he isn't he should pursue litigation...
Well, the other argument that I've seen is that at the time he decided to leave school for the NFL, it was purely his own decision. He was still on the Ohio State team and decided he was done with NCAA ball. Apparently if a player is ineligible to play, they allow them to go in the supplemental draft but you can't just go that route because you decide to. The time to declare for the NFL was well before and he should've made that decision when everyone else did.

People would be a lot less concerned with declaring for the draft in time if they knew they could just declare when they felt like it for the supplemental draft. You'd also have teams who could use a future pick for a player that'd help you right away so it could even be appealing for some people to go that route as they might get drafted slightly higher than they otherwise would.
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