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Originally Posted by TheDave View Post
Can't find my favorite Christmas prediction but the 3 year old "Gold to hit 2K" prediction serves my purpose just fine.

No I read the same article that everyone including you read... You bet a 1 handed receiver would succeed.

I chose a different path

I don't put much faith in egomaniacal cheaters... especially ones that recently tore my favorite team apart.

again you and I are taking different paths.

I glad I had the foresight to buy some gold. Go read some of you posts responding to my "outlandish" highly ridiculed posts about gold reaching 2K, the fact it took a couple of years longer is not a big deal when you were selling never.

Is you point you are wonderful and I'm not. Fine what ever, you live in your world so do what works for you.

I was wrong about a 4th round draft pick - oh my!

We'll see on McD
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