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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by OABB View Post
I was confused as to the rules of debate. I assumed tgis was a shanny vs. Mcd debate after you insulted mcfans and nolan came up.
No big deal. But in case you wanted actual information on his defensive history:

Shanahan's average defensive ranking is 11. Here's the best defensive head coaches in the NFL (our modern HoF candidates) and their career defensive rankings. Bill Belicek (NE only) comes in at a respectable 14. Tony Dungy (IND only) ties Bill at a solid 14 (edging him with decimals). Jeff Fischer (over that SAME 14 year span) is on the verge of being below average with 16 (might even be below average if you weight the years he coached pre-expansion). For those that might think this comparison is bull **** or skewed: Bill Cowher, on the other hand, proved to be dynamite with a career average of SIX! Also important to note, his best seasons WERE with Dick Lebeau as well, but still strong even without him, and hiring a HoF DC shouldn't be held against him

(Disclaimer: Compiled at time of his firing)
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