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Originally Posted by tnedator View Post
In Hillis, they also have a folk hero -- Madden cover no less. There is no way Cleveland wants Hillis to have as many touches this year as last, so I'm sure they are hoping Hardesty is both healthy and productive. Last year, Hillis was the offense. There was no passing threat, and what little passing threat there was, went to Hillis as much as anyone (2nd in receptions I believe).

Now, if Hardesty turns into the next AP or Chris Johnson, all bets are off, but short of that Hillis has a chance to produce more, with less caries. He wore down carrying so much of the offensive load (had broken ribs the last three games). A fresher Hillis with fewer touches could easily produce more.
Good point. I fell they would want to keep Hillis fresh as much as possible, but the Hardesty-Hillis tandem must be clicking on all cylinders for that to work...
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