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Originally Posted by Jesterhole View Post
Thanks for the advice guys!

Looked into the Infinity G7. Nice looking car, but it doesn't look like they make a manual sedan, and I couldn't stand to drive an automatic.

After thinking about it more, I'm pretty sure I want 6 cylinders, instead of a turbo charged 4. The one thing that I've love about my mustang over the years is that I've felt I've always been able to accelerate when I've wanted to, so that's just how I drive.

Pretty sure the other thing I'll have to have is AWD. The worst thing about my car has been a rear-wheel car with little weight is terrible for things like rain, ice, or turning.

Going to check out the BMW 328 and 335 stuff this week. The WRX sounds nice if I can get a spoiler free version =P

Have you looked at the Acura TL SH-AWD? V6, all wheel drive, 4 door and a super well made car imo. Fits all the guidelines you've laid down. I have don't have the superhandling version but I am in love with the car. I drove the SH and it was loads of fun.
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