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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Rep for having a '72 Bronco.

If I had the money and a place to store them I would get a mid 70's IH Scout or Traveler and a 1978 Bronco I always loved the size and grill of those late 70's Broncos.

My dad worked for an IH dealer when we lived in Denver in the mid 70's and he would get a Scout or Traveler for the weekend when company came into town and we would take them up into the mountains. Great memories of panning for gold and riding through the mountain's in the back of an IH.
Speaking of great memories, I bought a brand new Toyota Landcruiser new off the lot in Denver in 74, it was green with the white top. I rigged up a hoist in my garage so I could back in and lift off the top. I sold it in 86 when I moved south, I needed a vehicle with AC and something big enough to haul the kids.
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