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Originally Posted by Jesterhole View Post
Yeah, that's one of the things I didn't mention, I'm only looking at used cars. I'd never buy a new one unless I no longer cared about money.

Finding a used stick shift is a pain in the ass though. How can soooo many people buy these nice cars and get automatics? I've lived in LA, San Fran, Austin and Dallas, so I've seen all kinds of traffic. Nothing beats the connection you have to your car with a manual.

I just don't see how people can push their accelerators and just pray the car does something.
I used to LOOOOOOOOVE manuals. Love them. Grew up learning on one, 4 of the six cars I've owned have been manual. My last car was a manual, and when I was looking around for my subie, I was looking manual. THEN, I test drove an automatic. Actually, I got to take the car for a weekend (my auto broker is extremely cool, and let me take a few cars for extended periods of time) to see how I liked it...and I realized that I really didn't miss the manual shifting all that much. Thanks to paddle shifters, and a sport shift mode on the shifter, I can still get some kind of resemblance...obviously it isn't the same but it gives me the ability to downshift easily in slow hilly traffic, drop the hammer when I want to pass, etc. It's weird, because that was one of two MAJOR requirements for me going into my purchase, and now I couldn't be happier not shifting.

When shopping used, remember: manuals can really limit your selection. Fewer and fewer are being made throughout the auto industry, and they're becoming a more expensive option. I'm not saying DON'T get one, just keep an open mind and make sure you test drive a whole bunch of both types before purchasing. You'd be surprised how trivial that option can become.
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